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HELLRAISER: REVELATIONS (2011) Wiki Plot / Synopsis / Review

Best friends Steven Craven and Nico Bradley are living boring, pathetic lives, and after they both find out Steven's dad Ross and Nico's mom Kate were having an affair, they both decide to leave their families behind and travel the world, starting with Tijuana, Mexico. Once there, things go to hell when their car gets jacked, and Nico accidentally drops a Mexican Girl that he was banging in a bathroom stall onto the toilet, killing her. Drunk and depressed that they can't get back home, a Vagrant (Derelict, the puzzle guardian) comes up to them and offers to give them the puzzle box, saying that it can ease their pain and take it away, and show them experience they can never imagine. When Nico opens the box, Pinhead appears and comes to collect his soul. When both of them go missing, the families hire a PI to figure out where they're at, but found nothing but their blood all over the motel room, their camera and the puzzle box, which is given to Steven's sister Emma, who was dating Nico at the time.
A year later, Steven's family and Nico's family are having dinner together at the Craven house, still trying to heal from the lost of both their sons when Steven appears at the house, passing out from exhaustion and dehydration. When he awakes, he tells them that the cenobites are coming for him. The family take him into the house, and find their cars are gone, and the phone lines have been cut. Believing that Steven was kidnapped and his abductors are out there, Steven's dad Ross and Nico's drunk dad Peter grab a shotgun and go outside to check it out. They come across the Vagrant, who is then held at gunpoint by Peter, demanding him to tell him where Nico is. The Vagrant tells him that "he's here", but Peter shoots the Vagrant in the chest, who then pulls out a knife and cuts the skin off of Peter's forehead. The Vagrant then leaves the disfigured Peter on the ground to die. Ross pulls Peter inside the house to save him, but Peter goes into cardiac arrest and dies. Steven exits the house, picks up the shotgun, shoots Ross in the chest with it and holds everyone at gunpoint.
Steven explains to the family of the love affair between Ross and Kate and reveals that he's not really Steven, but Nico wearing Steven's skin. He explains that after he was taken by the cenobites, he and Steven formed a telepathic connection. He had Steven bring a Street Walker into Nico's bed, where Nico died, and Steven hits her in the head to death with the puzzle box, bleeding onto the bed, and bringing Nico back to life. Nico and Steven have been killing women all over Tijuana to make Nico human again, but after Steven fails to kill a hooker with a baby, who both later fall victim to Nico, Steven tells Nico he quits. Only needing one more victim, a male, Nico bludgeons Steven with a lamp, and cuts his skin, finally completing the transformation to become human. Nico leaves a nearly dead Steven behind in the apartment, who then opens the box, and is taken by Pinhead to become a Pseudo. Nico explains that the Cenobites will be following him forever unless he offers them another victim, which is why he came back home, to get Emma to open the box and trade her life for his.
He makes Emma open the box, and they're all taken into Pinhead's realm, where Ross, Sarah and Emma finally find their lost son who is under transformation into Pseudo. The Cenobites take Kate away and kill her for her flesh, which is used to complete the transformation of Pseudo. Nico tries to bargain a deal with Pinhead, but Pinhead rejects him, telling him that his darkness rivals his own. Also, he can't accept Emma because she did not willingly open the box, but she does have the same darkness that corrupted Nico. Her time will come when she is ready. Before Nico can be ripped apart by Pinhead, Ross shoots Nico in the chest, proclaiming "no one gets to kill you but me, you little fuck." Pinhead then explains to him that for taking their victim, he's now in debt to Pinhead, meaning Ross has to spend the final few moments of his life knowing his wife will suffer at their hands. Pseudo and the Female Cenobite drag Sarah off into the dark, and Pinhead sends Ross and Emma back into the real world. With his last words, Ross apologizes to Emma for everything, and dies. Emma picks up the box, and looks at the camera, leaving her fate unknown.

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