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~ DRIVE ANGRY 3D (2011) ~


DRIVE ANGRY 3D (2011) Synopsis / Review / Plot

The film starts with John Milton (Nicolas Cage) pursuing a car with a trio inside. After using his car to flip the trio's getaway vehicle, Milton kills two of the men, and interrogates the third one, shooting him in the leg and asking him where Jonah King (Billy Burke), the leader of a Satanic cult who murdered Milton's daughter and kidnapped her baby, is. In three days, King and his followers will sacrifice the child at midnight. After the man tells him where Jonah King is, Milton sets off for Oklahoma to find his grandchild.
Milton arrives at a diner where he meets one of the waitresses, Piper (Amber Heard). As Milton talks with a friend of Piper, Fat Lou (Jack McGee), owner of the diner, harasses Piper, resulting in her quitting. She then leaves in her car but as she heads down the road, her car breaks down. Milton appears and asks for a ride down the road if he can fix Piper's car, which she accepts and says she is going as far as Louisiana. After Milton fixes the car, they both head for Louisiana. Then back at the diner, a strange man who calls himself "The Accountant" (William Fichtner) appears and asks Piper's friend and Fat Lou if they have seen Milton.
Meanwhile, Milton and Piper stop at Louisiana. Milton gets out and thanks Piper for the ride. Piper then heads to her fiance Frank's (Todd Farmer) house to discover that Frank is having sex with another woman. Piper then viciously fights the other woman, and gets into an argument with Frank, who then decides to pulverize Piper. Just as he is about to hit Piper again, Frank is caught off-guard and knocked out by Milton. Milton then takes Piper and they drive off.
Later, The Accountant comes to Frank's house and asks him if he has seen Milton. Frank doesn't answer due to the Accountant's many questions and attacks him. However, the Accountant overpowers Frank and kills him by pinning him against the wall with one half a broken baseball bat, and hammers the other half into Frank's head. The police arrive to find the dead Frank and the Accountant who throws a strange coin in the air which turns into an FBI ID and tells the police to help him find Milton.
Milton and Piper are now at a bar and they stay for the night. Piper later spots Jonah King who orders his men to find and kill Milton. Back at the room, Milton is having sex and is able to kill most of Hill's men and Piper kills the final one. The Accountant and the police arrive to find Milton. Both officers get killed, and Piper and Milton escape. The Accountant pursues them on a bridge and the chase ends when Milton shoots the Accountant with a strange gun that makes the Accountant's car crash. Despite not wanting anything to do with the situation, Piper agrees to help Milton, who is seemingly invincible, to find his grandchild.
Further up the road, Milton and Piper come to a church where Jonah is inside with Milton's infant granddaughter. During the struggle, Milton is shot in the eye but he escapes with Piper in a caravan. Soon after Milton gets up, killing almost everyone in the church, he catches up with Jonah in a car and rescues Piper but Jonah escapes alive. Back at the church, The Accountant finds someone who is still alive and he tells the Accountant that they shot Milton but he survived. Later that night, Milton and Piper find Jonah who is trying to sacrifice Milton's grandaughter so he can bring Hell to earth. He fails and gets killed.
A dying Milton asks Piper to look after his granddaughter, which she agrees. Milton awakes, now among the dead, and has a conversation with the Accountant. Before getting into a car, Milton states that he has broken out of Hell before and he can do it again. The film then ends with Milton and the Accountant driving across a long bridge into Hell.

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