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THE THING (2011)

THE THING (2011) Wiki Plot / Synopsis / Review

In 1982, paleontologist Kate Lloyd (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is recruited by scientists Dr. Sander Halvorson (Ulrich Thomsen) and his assistant Adam Finch (Eric Christian Olsen) to join a Norwegian scientific team that has stumbled across a crashed extraterrestrial spaceship buried beneath the ice of Antarctica. They discover the frozen corpse of a creature that seems to have died in the crash 100,000 years ago.
After the creature is transported back to base in a block of ice, Dr. Sander orders them to retrieve a tissue sample, against Kate's protests. Later, while the others celebrate, co-pilot Derek (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) sees the Thing escape from the block of ice. The team splits up into groups to search for the alien. Two Norwegians, Olav (Jan Gunnar Røise) and Henrik (Jo Adrian Haavind) discover it hiding under one of the buildings. The Thing suddenly grabs Henrik by impaling a tentacle through his chest and pulls him into its body. The others converge on the scene and set the creature on fire. In the chaotic aftermath, the lone dog of the team is found dead in a bloody heap in its kennel, a massive hole torn in the wire mesh.
During an autopsy, Kate and Adam discover that the cells of the Thing appear to be absorbing and imitating Henrik's cells. Meanwhile, Derek, pilot Sam Carter (Joel Edgerton), Griggs (Paul Braunstein), and a sick Olav prepare to leave the base in the only helicopter to send Olav for medical treatment and bring back help. Just as they prepare to take off, Kate discovers bloody, discarded metal tooth fillings and large amounts of blood in the shower. She runs outside to flag down the departing helicopter, fearing the Thing may have imitated someone on board. When Carter decides to land, Griggs transforms and kills Olav, causing the helicopter to spin wildly out of control and crash in the mountains, presumably killing all onboard. Kate later returns to the showers only to find that someone has cleaned up all the blood.
In the recreation room, Kate tells the rest her hypothesis on the nature of the creature: It is perfectly capable of imitating any life form and that it may have done so with members of their camp, but cannot imitate inorganic material such as metal, hence why it spit out the tooth fillings. Most of the team members either do not believe her or accuse her of turning them against each other out of paranoia. They decide to head for the nearest camp for help. After everyone else leaves the room, Juliette (Kim Bubbs) tells Kate that she believes her and that she saw Colin (Jonathan Lloyd Walker) leave the shower holding a towel. Juliette tells Kate that she knows where they keep the vehicle keys, and that they can take them to prevent anyone else from leaving. However, when the two go to retrieve them, Juliette transforms and attempts to kill Kate. Kate escapes, running past Karl (Carsten Bjørnlund), who is killed by the Juliette-Thing. Lars (Jørgen Langhelle) arrives with a flamethrower and burns the Thing as it assimilates Karl.
As they burn the remains outside, Carter and Derek return, both half-frozen and barely alive. While some of the team believes they are Things and should be burned, Kate convinces them to simply lock them up until a test can be prepared. Adam and Sander are in the lab preparing a potential test, but when both leave for a short while, the lab is engulfed in flames in an apparent sabotage. Tensions rise as accusations by both the Norwegians and the Americans are made, but Kate proposes another, much simpler test to single out those who might be the Thing from those who aren't. She uses a flashlight to inspect the teeth of all the other team members to see who has fillings and who doesn't. This test singles out Adam, Dr. Sander, station commander Edvard (Trond Espen Seim), and Colin who either had clean teeth or porcelain fillings. Kate, and team members Lars, Peder (Stig Henrik Hoff), and Jonas (Kristofer Hivju) are shown to all still have metal fillings in their teeth. Kate sends Lars and Jonas out to bring back Carter and Derek to do the test also but they have tunneled out the floor of the storage shed and into a neighboring building. While Lars leans in the doorway of the other building, they grab and pull him inside. Jonas runs back and pleads with Peder to help him rescue Lars, but Kate orders him to guard the prisoners.
During the argument, Carter and Derek force their way inside, armed with Lars's flamethrower and handgun. Edvard pushes Peder to burn both of them, assuming that they are the Things and had murdered Lars. When Peder takes aim, Derek shoots him, puncturing his flamethrower's tank and causing an explosion that kills Peder and knocks Edvard unconscious. While Edvard is being carried back to the recreation room, he transforms into the Thing and kills Jonas and Derek while mortally wounding Adam with a tentacle as Sander and Colin flee. Kate and Carter arrive with the remaining flamethrower and try to burn the Thing before it can finish its assimilation of Adam, but the alien escapes. While Carter and Kate are searching for the Thing, the now two-faced creature finds and attacks Sander. The monster then manages to separate Carter from Kate and traps him in the kitchen. Just as it is about to kill him, Kate arrives and torches the Edvard/Adam-Thing.
Kate and Carter see the Sander-Thing driving off in one of the Snowcats and give chase in the remaining vehicle. They follow it out to the wreck of its ship, which has been opened up and restarted, slowly preparing to take off. Kate and Carter are separated once again and Kate encounters the Thing. The creature manages to trap Kate, but she is able to destroy it with a grenade. She and Carter escape and make it back to the Snowcat. As they are preparing to leave, Kate notices that Carter is missing his left ear piercing and determines that he is one of the Things. Despite his protests, she burns him and destroys the Snowcat. Kate slowly climbs into the remaining Snowcat and stares blankly into the night.

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