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PRIEST (2011)

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For centuries, a war has existed between the humans and the vampires. Locked in mortal combat for centuries, their war has saturated the planet's surface, making it unable to support life. The Church created the walled cities to protect mankind, ultimately creating an elite group of warriors to turn the tide against the vampires. They were dubbed "Priests", humans blessed by God who were capable of slaying vampires. The majority of the vampires were killed while the remainder were placed in reservations. With the war over, the Clergy, fearing what they had created, disbanded the Priests. Outside the cities, humans live free from the totalitarian control of the Church.
One day, a Priest is approached by Hicks, the sheriff of a nearby town called Augustine. Hicks tells him that his brother Owen was mortally wounded by a vamp-attack. His sister-in-law and ex-girlfriend Shannon was killed, and Priest's niece, Lucy, was kidnapped. Hicks asks for Priest's assistance in tracking down Lucy. Priest goes to the Clergy begging to have his authority reinstated, but the Head of the Clergy doesn't believe these claims and refuses. He goes further by threatening Priest not to take any action. Upset and disillusioned, Priest goes against the wishes of Monsignor Orelas, the Church's leader, to do so. Monsignor Orelas then sends a group of four other Priests led by Priestess, a former comrade to Priest, to track him down, capture him and bring him back, dead or alive.
After saying goodbye to his dying brother, Priest and Hicks arrive at a Nightshade Reservation where turned humans called Familiars (people infected with a pathogen that makes them subservient to the vampires) live. After a fierce fight against the Familiars and the remaining vampires, the pair discover that the vampires have taken shelter in Solar Minor, a vampire hive where Priest lost several of his comrade Priests in a botched/suicidal mission. There, they are joined by Priestess, who decides to help him because she is in love with him. The trio destroy a Hive Guardian, a large and vicious vampire, and then discover that the vampires have bred a new army, and dug a tunnel out of the mountain towards a town called Jericho. The other three Priests have arrived at Jericho, right as an armored train has arrived, unleashing hundreds of vampires upon the population, and all lead by a powerful and mysterious individual, who they recognize as a former Priest himself. However, the man, who wears a black hat, offers them a chance to join him, or die. The Priests refuse, and Black Hat defeats and kills them all, leaving them to hang on crosses for others to see.
Priest, Priestess and Hicks arrive in Jericho while the sun is up, and discover the town empty and the three Priests crucified. Shocked and confused at what has happened, Priest eventually realizes that the vampires have been using the trains to travel by day and attack the towns by night. They also realize that the trainline ends at the walled cities. However, because of the factories producing massive amounts of smoke and ash clouds, there is no sun, even in the daylight. Realizing that it will be a slaughter, Priest and his partners head out after them in order to stop the train from reaching the city.
While Priestess plants a bomb on the railroad tracks in order to stop the train, Priest and Hicks board the train and confront Black Hat, the vampires, and familiars. Black Hat overpowers both Priest and Hicks. Black Hat reveals that the vampire Queen gave him her blood, turning him into the first vampire-human hybrid. He asks Priest to join him. Priest refuses and fights Black Hat, who reveals the truth of Lucy's parentage to the girl. Priestess meanwhile battles several Familiars who are trying to stop her from detonating the tracks, only to have the detonator be destroyed. She then places the explosives on her bike, and rams it into the train engine. The explosiyuhhhhon kills the vampires and seemingly engulfs Black Hat in fire, but Hicks, Priest, Priestess and Lucy are able to escape.
Priest returns to the city and confronts Monsignor Orelas, telling him of the burnt train containing the vampires' bodies, which he proves by throwing a vampire head onto the floor. Monsignor Orelas doesn't believe him, declaring that the war is over and Priest's proof is trickery, only to have Priest tell him that it's just beginning as he walks out. Once he leaves the city and meets with Priestess, she reveals that the other Priests have been notified and will meet them at a rendezvous point. Priest sets off into the sunset to later meet up with other priests.

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