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NO STRING ATTACHED (2011) Synopsis / Review / Plot

Emma (Natalie Portman) and Adam (Ashton Kutcher) initially meet as teenagers at summer camp. They meet again ten years later at a party at the University of Michigan, where Adam is a student and Emma is visiting for her father's funeral in Ann Arbor. Four years later, Emma and Adam have another fortuitous meeting while at a farmer's market in Los Angeles, where Emma has just become a resident at a local hospital and Adam is a production assistant for Secret High, a Glee-like TV-show, with aspirations of becoming a staff writer for the show. Adam takes down Emma’s phone number, but the two don't have contact again for another year.
Now a year later, Adam becomes distraught when he learns that his eccentric father (Kevin Kline)—who used to be the star of a TV show called Great Scott—is having a relationship with Adam’s ex-girlfriend Vanessa (Ophelia Lovibond). Determined to "get back on the wagon", Adam starts calling every woman in his cell phone. The next day, he wakes up after a drunken night to find out that he text-messaged Emma and came to the home she shares with some other residents, including her best friend Patrice (Greta Gerwig). Emma leads Adam to her bedroom to retrieve his pants, where the two of them wind up having sex.
Because of both her belief that ‘no two people were meant to be together forever' and the pressures of her job, Emma proposes that they have casual sex with each other before setting some ground rules to prevent their relationship from becoming too serious. At first things go well, but then Adam starts becoming jealous of the possibility of Emma being with another doctor, Sam. Although denying that he is jealous, Adam starts presenting her with gifts, which she rebuffs.
Adam becomes more distraught when his father asks him to dinner with Vanessa on Adam’s birthday, where they announce that they’re planning to have a baby together. Emma, who accompanied Adam to the dinner, berates the couple while defending Adam. Adam eventually convinces her to go out with him on a date on Valentine’s Day. Things come to a head when Emma starts becoming too uncomfortable about being on a date with Adam. Adam tells Emma that he loves her, but she grows angry, telling him he should go out with another woman who ‘isn’t going to hurt you’. Adam drops Emma off at her hospital and drives off.
Six weeks later, a script Adam had written for his show and submitted through Lucy (Lake Bell), the production assistant on the show, is being filmed, and Adam gets a writing job on the show. Emma, meanwhile, has become distraught at not being with Adam, which is compounded by her younger sister Katie's (Olivia Thirlby) upcoming wedding the next day and her widowed mother (Talia Balsam) arriving with a new boyfriend.
Emma tries calling Adam, but Adam rebuffs her on the phone. Emma realizes she wants to be with him, and drives down to his home. Adam, however, arrives home with Lucy, whom Emma takes to be Adam's new girlfriend. Emma tearfully starts driving back to the wedding.
Before Adam and Lucy can have sex, Vanessa calls Adam – his father is in the hospital, having overdosed on Purple Drank. Arriving at the hospital, Vanessa confesses that she doesn’t want to be with an older man and that she's scared of old people. She dumps her dog off on Adam and leaves for a party. Adam talks to his father and chastises him, but tells him he’ll call tomorrow.
On the way out, Adam calls Emma back. Adam angrily tells Emma that she needs to have the conversation she wants in person – which she does; Emma’s friend and resident Shira (Mindy Kaling) noticed Adam's father arriving and called Emma. Adam and Emma eventually reconcile, and after a morning of eating breakfast, they go together to Emma’s sister’s wedding. Emma asks, “So, what happens now?” and Adam silently holds her hand.
In the concluding pictures, it is seen that Lucy - left stranded when Adam and Emma found each other - has taken up with Adam's father, replacing the feckless Vanessa. Eli and Patrice are shown meeting Eli's two gay dads. Vanessa is seen in an elevator with old people, being visibly disconcerted. Sam is seen with Shira telling her that he wants to see other people, to which she responds that she has already been seeing many other people. Emma is later seen as the delivery doctor to her sister Katie, whose husband ineffectually tries to soothe her. Guy is seen welcoming someone into the on-call room, who turns out to be Sam. The last scene concludes with Adam and Emma snuggling together while asleep.

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