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BIG MOMMAS LIKE FATHER LIKE SON (2011) Synopsis / Review / Plot

The film begins with Malcolm Turner (Martin Lawrence) chasing down the mailman (Ken Jeong), who refuses to give him his mail when he gets to his home, and the reason why is to see if his step-son Trent Turner (Brandon T. Jackson) got into Duke University, which he has. Malcolm goes home and tells Trent the good news, but Trent's not there. He goes to get Trent who is performing at a rap concert. When they go home, Trent tells his stepfather that he doesn't want to be a college student - he wants to be a rapper and needs Malcolm to sign a recording contract because he is still a minor. When Malcolm goes to work and he gets to a hotel room to put a wire on a man named Canetti to get information about a russian gangster named Chirkoff and when he finds out about the wire, Malcolm is listening to what is happening and when Trent appears he tells him to get in the car and later tells him to hide, Malcolm starts shooting at his hencemen, when Chirkoff runs after Canetti and he shots Canetti, and he is about to tell Trent Who is witnessesing the crime and is about to shot but Malcolm shows up and they escape luckily as Trent thinks he is going to die, Malcolm does research where Canetti is hiding a flash drive at, as Trent is forced to disguise as a girl, taking the name Charmaine Daisy Pierce, Big Mommas' great-niece in order to avoid getting killed. Malcolm disguises as his alter-ego, Big Momma, and hides Trent at an all-girls performing arts school, Georgia Girls School for the Arts to get the flash drive hidden in the school before Chirkoff gets to it. Big Momma takes a job as house mother for the school as the last house mother quits. One of the girls, Jasmine, gives a warning to Big Momma: This is her school, and Big Momma better stay out of her way, but Big Momma says she doesn't take any orders fom anyone. Meanwhile Trent develops a crush on a student named Haley, he saw at his rap concert in the audience.
Later, Big Momma and Trent are having dinner with the other girls in the cafe. Jasmine tells Trent that all the new girls have to do something to prove that they belong in the school and eat at least one time. It's rather: Sing, dance or act. Trent chooses singing and breaks into a rap with Haley's help on the Piano and sing "Ain't Nobody". Big Momma gets on the table and starts dancing, and silps and breaking the table. The headmistress announces that a music box has been stolen and Malcolm figures that this must be where the flash drive was hidden.
Later that night, Malcolm as Big Momma runs into the security guard Kurtis Kool, who hits on him. Malcolm gets Kurtis to take him on a tour and realizes that Kurtis was his FBI informant's friend and thus may know where the flash drive is. Malcolm learns from Kurtis that the girls may have stolen the flash drive and finds a necklace on the ground. Meanwhile, Trent attends a get-together with the girls where Haley gets a necklace as a member of the "Divas"; Jasmine isn't wearing one despite being a member. Malcolm and Trent surmise that Jasmine is likely the thief and strike a deal; if Trent helps Malcolm recover the flash drive, Malcolm will sign the contract.
The next day, Big Momma has to be naked for art class. But Malcolm asks for a towel. So at first the students draw Big Momma with a towel, then the Art Class teacher asks him to take the towel off. So Trent gets up and presses the school alarm. Everyone goes outside, and they find out that it was a lie. For a free period, Trent and Hailey go shopping. But Trent almost passes out when he and Hailey have to share a room together to change. When Hailey starts taking her clothes off, he gets out of the room. Meanwhile, Malcolm is grateful Trent pressed the Alarm. Trent hooks Haley up with himself. At first Haley says she hates Trent. But when Trent and Haley have a first date, they connect a bit. While Kurtis begins to fall in love with Big Momma. Big Momma searches for any clues to help him with the mission. But after an attempt to check the music box out, he runs when Kurtis comes into the library.
Later, Big Momma asks one of the girls about the music box. It is revealed that Haley and Jasmine were messing with the music box. But Jasmine and Haley are innocent however though. The next day, at the bookcase Haley and Trent are singing, when Trent forgets that he is playing the role of Charmaine and starts singing in his regular man voice, In her anger Haley pulls of Trent's wig letting the bad guys see that it is him up on stage. The bad guys who tracked Trent and Big Momma capture Haley. So Malcolm and Trent rescue her as themselves. Haley then finds out everything about them, even that Malcolm is a secret FBI agent. Malcolm and Trent say "Freak with it! Freak with it! Ow!" and hit two of the bad guys. Then the main bad guy threatens to shoot Trent, and Malcolm and Trent have a family moment. They then fight the bad guy as he is shocked by Kurtis by shooting him with a stun gun. He is arrested, and Haley and Trent continue dating, and Malcolm signs the contract. Malcolm thanks Trent for helping with the mission instead Trent tears it up and decides to go to college instead of being Prodi-G as the two drive home and Malcolm tells Trent he doesn't have to metion any of this to his mother as Trent says she might pop a little vain in her forehead.
During the end credits, a music video is shown of Trent performing his song "Lyrical Miracle", which features Malcolm as Big Momma and Kurtis. It also features Haley and the rest of the girls of the school as dancers and Chirkoff and his hencemen dancing in a roof.

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