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~ SPY KIDS 4D (2011) ~


SPY KIDS 4D (2011) Wiki Plot / Synopsis / Review

The film opens when Marissa (Jessica Alba) who is trying to to fight a villain named Tick-Tock goes into labor and manages to defeat him. The film then revolves around twins named Rebecca and Cecil Wilson (Rowan Blanchard and Mason Cook). Rebecca has no respect for her stepmom as she think she can't replace her mother, and their spy-hunting reporter father Wilbur Wilson (Joel McHale) has little time to spend with them.
When Earth is threatened by an organization led by a hyperion mastermind known as "the Timekeeper" (Jeremy Piven), Marissa is contacted and called back into action by the OSS, leaving a red-sapphire necklace (the key to the Timekeeper's plan) with Rebecca. When the Timekeeper's thugs try to break into their home, Rebecca and Cecil escape and go into the Panic Room. A video is shown of Marissa, telling the children that she is a spy. They don't believe it until their dog Argonaut, talks as he is a robot, and they escape in rockets and go to the OSS. Carmen Cortez (Alexa Vega) helps them by letting them have gadgets as souvenirs and wait in a room but they escape and wreck havoc around the OSS. They later go to a clock shop where the Timekeeper is hiding and become frozen by Tick Tock but Marissa and Carmen help them by activing their gagdets and they all escape. The OSS brings back Juni Cortez (Daryl Sabara) since he is their best agent ever and they have Rebecca and Cecil stay back at the OSS. But when the director of the OSS, Danger D'amo shows up and Rebecca notices his watch like the Timekeeper and Cecil scrambles the letters of his name saying Armagedon, they are locked in. They escape by setting Arognaut to attack mode and smashing the door. The OSS agents are all frozen except Juni because he doesn't have his badge on because Carmen threw it away. Juni uses his watch to connect to Rebecca and Cecil to get the necklace back, and he unfreezes all the agents. Wilbur witnesses the fight and becomes upset, and he is fired after destroying evidence that Marissa is a spy. He then helps them out.
However, with the end of the world pending and the necklace stolen by the Timekeeper, both Rebecca and Cecil find that they have no choice but take part in the battle. As they get some gadgets, help Marissa, Rebecca has to put her anger against Marissa aside to rescue the lives that are at stake and are able to get threw Tick-Tock's minions. They stop the Timekeeper who reveals he is doing this to see his father back in time, as while working on something else. Danger got frozen as a boy and kept going back in time to see him and ends with him eldery. Rebecca tells Marissa that she and Cecil are her kids and "the best spies ever". Wilbur handcuffs Tick Tock, knocks out his minions, and Arognant comes with Maria. When Tick-Tock tries to charge Maria she flips him and ends up when Marissa saying "Baby's first bad guy". [1] Rebecca and Cecil both says to the audience "you are activated" that they are official Spy Kids and Rebecca punches Cecil in the arm.

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